Prices displayed below are prorated from today's date, February 18, 2018

Choose your Spring 2018 Plan

Spring 2018 Plans end May 11

All Bundled plans include a Black Bag for pay-per-item dry cleaning items.

Save 80 hours this year

Less is More

The 10lb per week plan is the smallest of three plans available. It's the perfect size for sheets & towels.

10LB Per Week, $246

Save 60 hours this year

Laundry Titan

The 30lb per week is great for active students or student athletes. Go big, don't go home.

30LB Per Week, $317

Save 100 hours this year

What if I just want to use Dry Cleaning?

No problem - you can get a black Campus Cleaners bag. If you want something returned on a hanger, you'll use your black bag. You can skip the bundled plan and register for a Campus Cleaners Only Plan.

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