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Dirties Back Clean Wednesday

Truck Schedule

Drop Dirties At The Truck

South Russell


The Laundry truck is parked on 4th Street in between South Russell and Penland's food court.

Closest: Martin, Penland, South Russell



The Truck is parked in the parking lot behind Collins, near Baylor Ave.

Closest: Alexander, Collins, Dawson

East Village


The Laundry truck is parked in between Teal Hall and the Parking structure north of 3rd street.

Closest: East Village, East Village - Earle, East Village - Teal

Brooks / Kokernot


The Truck is parked in the parking lot on the south end of Brooks Flats, where South 7th Street enters the drive directly in front of Brooks Flats.

Closest: Brooks College, Brooks Flats, Kokernot

More Residences

Some buildings around campus don't have an obvious pin to match, you are free to use whichever service locations fits best.

Residences: North Russell