20# Club: Meet Ashton

Meet Ashton Blasingim. The newest member of our 20# club and proud owner of free laundry service.

We got to talk to Ashton about her first few months as a student at �Bama and found out she�s loved every minute.

FROM: Tennessee
MAJOR: Biology (wow)

Ashton has a dream to be a Radiologist, and we're both impressed and confident she�ll get there. As a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, she has loved working on service projects with her friends. Ashton is a Tennessee native and didn�t know many people upon arriving in Tuscaloosa, and is very thankful for her new friends in GPB. Ashton plays a little soccer too - she's amped to lace up the cleats for Intramurals season (we do grass stains). Her competitive streak came out when we talked Alabama Football. Who does she want the Crimson Tide football team to beat the most? Her answer - Tennessee. �A cousin of mine goes to UT, and I'd love bragging rights.� We love the competitive spirit, Ashton!

Pro-Tip: Ashton shared some insider info, too! Tuscaloosa is home to a "giant slide" only accessible to the select crowd that knows about it. We're intrigued.(Unfortunately, we still don't know where yet).

How will Ashton do #LifeNotLaundry this fall? Now that laundry is off her TO DO list; she is going to dive deeper into her studies and get more rest. She�ll have more time to learn the in�s and out�s of all living organisms! Biology FTW! In her words, �I usually wait until late night to do laundry because that�s when I have time to do so. Now I won�t have to stay up late!�

We�re glad Ashton is leveling up and enjoying #LifeNotLaundry!

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