20# Club: Meet Nate

Nate Thompson (Pepperdine) is a Pentatonix (link)�fanatic, entrepreneur, hard worker, and easy-going Texas native. Nate is the kind of guy you want on your team. He has a huge passion for the performing arts, and we�re proud to help Nate get more time to perfect his craft.

Nate�s highlights: Major: Vocal Performance
Classification: Freshman
Hometown: Houston, TX
Involvement: MUSIC

Who is Nate Thompson? A cappella is Nate Thompson and Nate Thompson is a cappella - he needs no accompaniment. He is an energetic, easy-going, vocal enthusiast. We were thrilled to learn of Nate�s high involvement at Pepperdine because we immediately knew that he could use a few extra hours during the week.� He�s involved in both theater and choir at Pepperdine. He thanks the community of people and breezy weather for luring him to the west coast. After he finishes his degree, Nate aims to move forward pursuing his dream of being a full-time performer or professional vocal coach.

Least favorite aspect of laundry? Now that Nate doesn�t have to do his laundry; we wanted to know what he is excited to see come off his plate. �Folding, no doubt!"

Nate is pumped to be rid of the drudgery of folding clothes. He agrees with us - It takes too much time and is, well, boring.

An extra 2.5 hours is great because� We falsely assumed that he would commit all his time to, you guessed it, performing arts. But Nate threw us a curveball. Nate is also an entrepreneur! He founded and runs his own on-campus shoe-shine business called Rise N� Shine Pepperdine! Uh-mazing. Once your shoes are shined, they�re delivered back to your residence hall.�It�s like laundry service for your leather shoes!

If you�re in Malibu and want a shoe shine, reach out to Rise N� Shine! (link). Having us do his laundry, Nate is excited to have more time to focus on business development en route to building a shoe shine empire. We�re hoping it takes off!

If you want to be like Nate and have free laundry service, give our Facebook page a �Like� to enter into the drawing for the 20# Club. You�ll have more time for the things that make college great.