20# Club: Ryan Yee

Quick Facts:
Hometown: Madison, WI
Year: Freshman
Major: Finance & Statistics
Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi, Ultimate Frisbee, and Peruna Handler (we�ll explain)
Favorite aspect of Dallas: The food (great sushi)

Ryan is a Wisconsinite who was intrigued by life in the southern US. Now, he�s a Mustang (SMU) and loving life in Dallas, Tx. We are hoping that laundry service will give him more time to experience SMU and Dallas to the fullest.

Who is Ryan Yee?
Ryan picked SMU because he wanted college to be full of new experiences and activities. Being from Wisconsin, almost everything about SMU is brand new! Ryan is highly motivated and wants to learn all he can about business while at SMU. He loves what the Cox Business School has to offer. He spoke about one day working in stock trading, private equity, or hedge funds. However, when asked if he could have any job in the world Ryan said a few words that will stick with us forever - �General Manager of the Green Bay Packers�. Wow, how cool would that be? He�s a big Packers fan...

What will Ryan do with 2.5 more hours each week?
He plans to get more involved in the things he loves about SMU. Ryan is currently involved in three organizations and is excited to be more invested in each. He handles SMU�s mascot, Peruna! As a Peruna Handler, Ryan and his team take care of the SMU mascot (a live pony) each game in hopes of getting the home crowd pumped for the Mustangs!

Ryan is also on the SMU Ultimate Frisbee team and a member of the on-campus business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. Needless to say, Ryan could use a few extra hours to invest in each of these groups and we�re happy to help him do so!

Ryan is excited that...
He doesn�t have to fold clothes for the rest of the semester! We�re seeing a pattern amongst our 20# club members exposing FOLDING as the worst part of laundry. We agree with you, Ryan, and we�re happy to take folding off your plate.

If you want the chance to never fold clothes again, check out our site here! We�ll do your laundry so you can focus on everything else.