On The Road Again

At some point in your life, you�ve probably had the desire to travel (we have!). Whether it be a few hour road trip, or a flight across the world, we love to see new places and experience different cultures. It�s our hope that laundry service gives you the time to make great and memorable trips happen. This month, we�re featuring *the roadie* - you getting in a car with a few friends and going somewhere memorable. It�s #LifeNotLaundry for March, and we hope it inspires you to GO!


What For?

Written by JD Wills

Travel is a hobby for the rich, a necessity for many the worker, and an opportunity for the single. Today, I�d like to suggest that the road to romance looks a lot like, well, a road.

In the year of our Lord, two thousand and fourteen, I took a road trip with a group of friends to Jacob�s Well, a natural spring located just outside of Austin, Texas. The drive lasted two and a half hours (that�s right, exactly how much time you save with UL each week) and during this drive I rode in the passenger seat of a tan Honda CR-V driven by a lovely girl I hardly knew. Why she drove instead of me, I cannot explain. Chivalry may indeed be dead.

Now, as a note of clarification, this friend group had only recently formed and we were all still getting to know each other. The equal ratio of guys to girls that day created an air of intrigue that naturally comes with the not yet filled, but already felt, promise of romantic possibility. And as we loaded the cars, the disparity between the beauty and charisma of the girls and the guys� lack thereof became palpable. To say we were out of our league would�ve been the understatement of the year. We pressed on nonetheless.

Allow me to set the scene. I�m 5�8�� tall and 150lbs of social anxiety and sarcasm (a lethal combination). The girl sitting beside me has brown hair, green eyes and a charming, yet surprisingly acerbic, smile that says, �Please don�t bore me. This is a long drive.� As soon as we get in the car, I see her smile, hear what it�s communicating, wipe the sweat off the palms of my hands, and inadequately clear my throat to mumble something about her car�s miles per gallon.

But before I can butcher my attempt at small talk and ruin the day before it even begins, �Summer Love� by Justin Timberlake comes on over the speakers and it feels ordained. You may recall how it goes: Tell me where you�re from, what you do, what you like, let me pick your brain girl. The words wash over me and I transform into JT himself. I embody cool. With the Cool Breeze air freshener in the air vent to my right and the Cool Mint gum I�m chewing, it�s not even fair.

I speak, she responds. I joke, she laughs. I smile, she swoons. Today, I don�t recall much of the content of the conversation, but what I do remember is that thoughts of our journey�s destination were entirely replaced with thoughts of the pretty little face on the pretty little frame sitting next to me. I have not once regretted that day�s two and a half hours of travel.

You may want to know what happened to me and my travel companion after that day. Well, we�re married now. Sound too good to be true? It is. Truthfully, we�ve remained excellent acquaintances and talk once every couple of months, our conversation usually centering around the romantic relationships of mutual friends, but that�s not the point of this story.

The point is that you, you young and beautiful lad or lady, can use your two and half hours better than I did, maybe even to their fullest potential. So, go. Travel to find fun. Travel to find love.


Get Going

Alright, you know that road trips and spontaneous adventures are great ways to make memories. It�s more than that, though. We think you need to travel. There�s a negative stigma attached to taking time off in the very world you�re headed for (what�s presumably known as the �real� world), and we want you to start some traveling habits with the time you have now, and reverse the stigma. There are many benefits associated with going on vacation that can help improve people�s work life, which can easily be translated to student life as well.

Way. Less. Stress.

Stress comes with the natural pace of college, and it�s important to keep it in check. Taking yourself wholly out of the environment of group projects and sleepless study nights will automatically make your stress level plummet. Traveling somewhere does a lot more than just give you a new stress-free space though - it actually changes the biological process of your brain. Ever heard that meditating can reduce stress? Scientists got together recently to compare meditation to taking a vacation, and found that they both have similar effects on the brain, involving the reduction of stress, and boosting your immune system (EurekAlert!).

Creative Spark

If you�re needing some fresh inspiration, it�s time to hit the road. There�s a space in your brain called �The Imagination Network�, which allows your brain to travel through past experiences, thoughts, and emotions to create new ideas. This is actually your brain�s default mode to be in, but it can get blocked up by the everyday grind of class schedules and multitasking. Allowing yourself to be immersed somewhere new, whether it�s out in nature or a new city, gives your brain a chance to go to it�s normal mode of working hard without you realizing it (Outside).

New Perspective & Deeper Connections

College is an incredible time with many things we hope you�ll take advantage of. It�s easy though to get wrapped up in the bubble of campus life and forget what the rest of the world has to offer. Taking time abroad is one of the best opportunities you get during college. Eating different food, hearing new music, and learning different mannerisms can help you expand that bubble of knowledge. You also don�t have to go to a foreign country to gain new perspective. Simply go to a new city you haven�t been to before and engage in the local culture. Research shows that immersing yourself in different cultures also gives you the ability to connect with people more deeply (The Atlantic).

We could go on and on about why traveling is so important and how it can positively impact your life. There are endless advantages to it - but we don�t want you to read about it, we want you to get out there! There is no time like the time you have in college, and it�s the very thing we want to give back to you. So grab your friends, load up the car, and try someplace new.


Get Out There

Ok. Convinced? We know the open road can be a little daunting sometimes so we made a list of apps and websites that we believe will help you navigate your newly anticipated adventures.


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