There's no place like home.

Alright - you are HERE. Finally...In the hallways and dorm rooms that, for now, feel new and maybe a little weird. Everything is new, scary, and maybe overwhelming, yeah? That�ll change�we promise. Soon you�ll feel at home and maybe partial to college life. �

We love college life. And we love that you�re experiencing new things jumping into a new phase of life that�s creating a foundation for the years to come. �You�ll learn new things, meet new friends, cheer for your school, and find your go-to study spot all in a few short weeks. �Yep, this is your new home and we want you to soak up every minute you can. �It�ll go by in a flash...

Speaking of home, our home in Texas is a warehouse in the Deep Ellum neighborhood just east of downtown Dallas. ULHQ comes stocked with ping pong, candy, coffee, and #LifeNotLaundry. We�re a crew of people that remember college being an absolute blast and want to assist in making it the same for you. If you�re ever in the area come by and give us a chance to make you laugh!

What makes our home in Deep Ellum so great is that we�re striving to make our own lives, and the heartbeat of this company, about living life to the�s what we call #LifeNotLaundry. It means more time for the things that make life memorable. �

This is our mission:
to give you the space to make the best use of your time.

Do #LifeNotLaundry while you�re in college and focus on making these next four (or five) years incredible.