20# Club: Meet Wayne

We're celebrating two things today: The 20# Club and Sir Wayne Brown.

The 20# Club is a fantastic group of people that are lucky enough to win our free laundry giveaway. We'll be gifting a semester plan every week this fall. Be on the lookout for your name to be called. Wayne is our first winner - Congrats Wayne!

We want to give Wayne the spotlight and explain how he plans to do #LifeNotLaundry this fall.

Who is Wayne Brown?
Wayne is a frosh at TCU double majoring in Accounting and Mathematics (he�s a numbers guy). He�s a central Texas native (the #254) and has loved college life at TCU thus far. His favorite on-campus event has been BLUU's Paint Party. (Hmm, we hope to be a part of a paint party some day.)

Wayne is a member of TCU�s debate team has big dreams of Law School down the road. We think he�s got the grit to get there.

What�s Wayne going to do with 40 more hours?
Study! Wayne�s got a full plate this semester and his primary use of time saved is going towards his studies. All that math will need some TLC. You may find him on the first floor of the library in a quiet spot whispering �if the limit approaches zero�� and then triumphantly saying �The limit does not exist!". If so, give him a high five and ask him about laundry service.

In Wayne's words, here�s what makes him happiest about having laundry service:

�It�s difficult to do your laundry on the weekends, and when you do laundry during the week you usually have to pick a time between classes when machines are free, it's a hassle. You have to sit and wait there so your stuff doesn�t get thrown on the floor.."

Well said, Wayne - well said.

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