Winner winner, chicken laundry

Holy Smokes! In the excitement of last night�s unbelievable NCAA Championship game, we forgot to check who in fact won the FIRST annual #MadnessNotLaundry Tournament Challenge. So, after going to sleep dreaming that we, too, had ice in our veins (as did a few players wearing blue proved), we woke up refreshed and eager to find out who the lucky winner was. �Marty�s Bracket� came in at an astounding 99.6% correct and took home the gold! We dug a bit to find out who this �Marty�s Bracket� character truly was... Turns out, Marty D. is on our Tiger Laundry team at Clemson (which means he already lives and breathes free laundry).

Marty D

But someone needs a free laundry plan. We decided to give our 2nd place person the prize. Don�t worry, we�ll take care of Marty. Olivia M. representing SMU in Dallas, Tx came in at 99.3% which was good enough for the People�s Champ! Congrats!

See where you rank in our Tournament Challenge

Thank you all for participating in our first ever tournament challenge! We had a blast competing at HQ, checking scores every time a game finished. We hope you all had fun with March Madness. Stay tuned for more fun stuff coming through the pipes - we�re always eager to share the #lifenotlaundry spirit.

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