Dirties Back Clean Wednesday

Truck Schedule

Drop Dirties At The Truck



The Laundry Truck is parked on Ignatian Cir. West of Huesman Hall north of the crosswalk.

Closest: Doheny, Huesman, Rosecrans, Sullivan

Leavey Circle


The Laundry Truck is parked in Leavey Circle next to Rains Hall.

Closest: Leavey 4, Leavey 5, Leavey 6, McCarthy, O'Malley Apts., Rains

Del Rey


The Laundry Truck is parked on Whelan Road across from the Bird's Nest.

Closest: Del Rey North, Whelan

More Residences

Some buildings around campus don't have an obvious pin to match, you are free to use whichever service locations fits best.

Residences: Del Rey South, Desmond, McKay, Jesuit Community, Tenderich, Hannon Apts.