Dirties Back Clean Wednesday

Truck Schedule

Drop Dirties At The Truck

South Bishop


The Truck is parked on Bishop Blvd, directly in front of McElvaney Hall

Closest: Cockrell-McIntosh, McElvaney Commons, Moore Hall, Morrison-McGinnis Commons, Perkins, Smith

Crum Commons


The Truck is parked on the south end of Crum Commons.

Closest: Armstrong Commons, Crum Commons

Loyd Commons


The Truck is parked in the bus lane East of Loyd Commons

Closest: Crow Commons, Loyd Commons, Ware Commons

More Residences

Some buildings around campus don't have an obvious pin to match, you are free to use whichever service locations fits best.

Residences: Service House, Dyer House

Courtesy Route

Drop Dirties in a Drop Spot

Greek Rows

Request a pickup by 9a. Drop dirties in your house's drop spot.

SMU Football Office

Do you work for the Football team? We have a drop spot for you.