Dirties Back Clean Wednesday

Truck Schedule

Drop Dirties At The Truck

Gordon / Bledsoe


The Laundry Truck is parked next to the basketball goal on Main street in between Sneed and Bledsoe/Gordon.

Closest: Bledsoe/Gordon Hall, Horn/Knapp, Sneed Hall

Hulen / Wall


The Laundry truck is parked in the bus stop on 18th street across from Wall Residence Hall.

Closest: Hulen/Clement, Talkington Hall, Wall/Gates

Stangel / Murdough


The Laundry truck is parked in the parking lot next to Murdough Hall by the light pole near the third island.

Closest: Carpenter/Wells, Murray, Stangel/Murdough

Chitwood / Weymouth


The Laundry truck is parked in front of Chitwood/Weymouth on the service vehicle island.

Closest: Chitwood/Weymouth, Coleman

More Residences

Some buildings around campus don't have an obvious pin to match, you are free to use whichever service locations fits best.

Residences: West Village