COVID-19 Response

Can I still buy laundry service?

Yes! We will be operating laundry service in line with your school’s academic calendar.

Will the turnaround time be longer?

We do not anticipate any change to our 2-business day turnaround time.

What protective measures will you be ensuring?

We will follow the protective guidelines set by the school as well as setting our own standards. Our employees will regularly be temperature checked, wear proper PPE gear, and will routinely clean and sanitize the laundry trucks/lockers.

How will you maintain social distance protocols?

We are committed to a contactless laundry experience. If you utilize a laundry truck for your service, our employees will maintain over 6ft distance from students at all times. If you utilize our service via courtesy route, the My Laundry app will update to let student’s know when their clean garments are ready for pickup in their drop spot location.

Service FAQs

What is Tide Cleaners?

Vanderbilt University has a Garment Care Program for students, staff and faculty. The program includes Bundled Service (wash/dry/fold/package) and Campus Cleaners (dry cleaned or laundered & pressed, returned on hangers).

What is Bundled Service?

This service is for all machine washable clothes--sheets, towels, underclothes, shirts, pants, etc. Items are washed, dried, folded and packaged. Students choose Annual, Semester, or Monthly Bundled Plans of 10, 20 or 30 lbs per week.

How will you Clean my clothes?

Glad you asked. We have a 10-step process treats your clothes with the meticulous care they receive at home! Read more here >

It is easy and convenient. I never worried about finding time to do laundry. -Cristian

Which Plan do I Need?

Start with the 20 lb Plan, it's the most popular. The average weekly weight is 15-20 lbs. If you're an athlete or simply wear more clothes than average the 30 lb plan is for you. If you take the majority of your wardrobe to the cleaners, the 10 lb plan is perfect for linens, underwear, t-shirts, etc. If you skip a week completely, you get twice your weekly amount the next time you use service. The unused lbs from an order don't roll over. If you need more than your plan allows you can change any time or we'll simply charge $2.20 per pound if you need more in a week. Bags are weighed when dry and lightest.

How Does Campus Cleaners Work?

At home these clothes would go to the local cleaners. At college the Garment Care Program insures students don't have to leave campus. With or without Bundled Service, Campus Cleaners is for everything you want returned on hangers. College is a difficult place to hang dry anything, so you'll simply wear these items a little more between sending them to Campus Cleaners. Each month we total up the dry-cleaned or laundered clothes and then charge by the item. Just like the local dry cleaners, charges only occur when service is used.

How Does a Pay Per Order Plan Work?

This plan is perfect for occasional use and we've made it simple to use. Any clothes turned in with your colorful bundled bag are billed at $2.50 per pound. If you use the black Campus Cleaners bag, you'll be billed on a per-item basis. It's that easy.

How will you Keep Up with my Clothes?

This is where we shine. Students receive two nylon (bacterial resistant) bags: one LARGE bag for Bundled Service and one SMALLER black bag for the Campus Cleaners. Everybody's clothes are washed and dried separately then hand-packaged before they are returned. Each bag (and order) is bar-coded and tracked through every step of our care process. You can go online and see it every step of the way.

How do I get my bags?

You will pick them up at move-in or from the truck when service starts.

When and Where is service?

As you learn your way around, you'll see attendants outside the residence halls. They're in laundry service trucks stationed throughout campus Monday through Friday from 11:00a to 4:30p. They're waiting to take dirty clothes or return clean ones to you. You can use whatever truck you wish, but a couple days each week it will be closest to your residence hall. The exact times and truck locations are posted online so once you know your dorm you can check it out. You may live in a residence where lobby service is available or is the only option. If so, there's a spot you can drop-off and pick-up orders in your residence.

When do I Pay?

Like your meal plan or class registration, you pay for your Bundled Plan at the beginning during registration. Your use of the Campus Cleaners and any bundled overages are totaled monthly and charged to the credit card provided when registering. A Usage Summary Statement is emailed to both students and parents each month.

What is a Preload?

Treat the preload like a gift certificate that you can purchase at a discount. Preloads are perfect for the student or faculty member that plans to take advantage of the black Campus Cleaners bag. The $100 credit can be purchased for $95, saving you $5. The larger the preload, the more you save. $250 Preloads only cost $230, and save $50 with $500 preloads at $450. More good news, Preload balances can be used for bundled overages and stay with you for four years or when you graduate. Like other gift cards, Preloads are non-refundable, but can be gifted between students at the consent of the giving party.